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Jasmina Bacic


​My name is Jasmina, and I am passionate about clean, natural food.

I started Deliciously Vegan market stall, as I noticed there is no much offer around for a delicious natural and no meat substitute food.

​My goal is to introduce vegan food to many, even meat eaters, as delicious everyday meal option.

​When I am not working, I love gardening, exploring new tastes and of course travel around the world.

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Sustainability at our place

Sustainability logo

As environmental concerns become more prevalent, our business adopted sustainable strategies. These strategies aim to reduce our business’s negative impact on the environment and increase its positive impact instead.


Our sustainable business strategy is a set of actionable steps that we take to improve our impact on the community and the environment.


We believe if all of us do as much as possible, no matter how big or small, it will work on a larger scale and our planet will recover and regenerate.


Here is how we do our part:


We buy bulk. It saves packaging and waste.


We buy all our fruit and veggies from the local markets, supporting the local businesses.

All the organic waste is placed into compost.

When we go shopping, we buy all fresh ingredients in one trip, saving fuel, and when we order our containers and cutlery, we make a big order, so it's delivered less frequently.


All plastic containers (if any) are recycled & all cardboard boxes dropped off to the cardboard box collection centre. 

We reuse jars for storing our coconut, cacao, walnuts, seeds, and all our strawberries, blueberries, mushrooms, tofu, cucumbers & salad are in glass containers with the lid.


To serve food to our customers we use brown kraft paper trays. These compostable takeaway trays are higher quality and finish, and are suitable for semi liquid food. These trays are made from 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly materials making them an excellent sustainable packaging option!


As far as eco tableware goes, wooden cutlery is an absolute necessity. Not only is this cutlery of high build quality & made from environmentally conscious materials, but it’s also 100% home compostable. 


If you decide to take our food home, we can serve it in a lidded container which is also compostable or recyclable. 

If needed, we pack your food in a non-printed paper reusable bag. This bag is made in Australia, from Australian paper and it is both 100% compostable or recyclable. 


When it comes to staff at Deliciously Vegan, we can proudly say that we are sustainable in this field too! We employ young people 16-18, teach them a lot - sustainability, food safety, friendly mateship and install a healthy work experience environment for all of them! Once they are employed by Deliciously Vegan, they don’t want to leave us ever and never!

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